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The History of Pamplona: A Journey Through Time

Hello everyone at Walk Idiomas! Today we want to share a brief but interesting history of Pamplona, our beloved city. While it is famous for the Sanfermines, Pamplona has much more to offer. Join us on this journey through time. 🕰️🏰

The Beginnings: From the Vascones to the Romans

Pamplona, or Iruña in Basque, started with the Vascones, an ancient tribe that lived in the region. But it was the Roman general Pompey who founded the city in 75 B.C., naming it Pompaelo. The Roman ruins that we can still see tell us about that glorious time.

The Middle Ages and the Kingdom of Navarre

During the Middle Ages, Pamplona became the capital of the Kingdom of Navarre. The city grew a lot and important religious and defensive buildings were constructed. The Cathedral of Santa María, with its mix of Gothic and Neoclassical styles, and the strong medieval walls are witnesses of this prosperous time.

Renaissance and Modernity

The Renaissance brought cultural and architectural renewal. Pamplona modernized and expanded beyond its original walls. In the 16th century, fortifications were improved and new public buildings were constructed, marking the beginning of a new era for the city.

Pamplona Today

Today, Pamplona is a vibrant and modern city that maintains its rich history. Its streets and squares retain the charm of the past, while events like the Sanfermines attract visitors from all over the world.

At Walk Idiomas, we are proud to teach English and also French in a city with so much history and culture. We invite you to explore Pamplona and discover its secrets while improving your English and French with us! 🌍📚

See you at the next lesson!

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